About Us

Horses are our passion! We are a family run operation that handles all aspects of raising, breeding and training our horses. Meet our Family!

Darla – Was raised with horses from birth. To her family’s horror she was out in the horse pasture as a five year old, crawling onto the bare backs of her fathers’ horses from any nearby obstacle…tree, fence, tractor, you name it. Developed a strong bond with horses and learned horse and herd behavior at an early age. As a seven year old, developed an innate connection and trust with horses such that she could ride bareback, and halter-less. She participated in local horse groups and amateur shows as a teenager; worked at the racetrack as a young adult. A small breeding operation was shared with her husband, raising and training her herd by hand. After taking some time off from riding and training to raise her family, she got into “formal” riding lessons. Now addicted, she pursued her horse passion and found her “niche” in the equestrian sport of eventing. Darla worked her way progressively up the eventing levels along with her new warmblood partner, Loxley. They have competed all over Alberta and in Florida. After seeing how athletic and good natured the warmblood breed was, she decided to concentrate her breeding efforts in this direction. Darla manages the farm; the breeding, training, feeding and healthcare programs for all the horses. She does all the ground work and basic training on the young stock. Darla says she has no “formal” training in horses, horsemanship and breeding; instead she has some forty odd years of real life experience. And the results speak for themselves.

Kylee – grew up with horses. She was riding in the saddle along with Mom or Dad as a toddler. As a three year old she rode lead line on her pony, Fawny. She started Pony Club at 7 years of age, and achieved her B level. Highlights from pony club include competing in the CPC Showjumping Nationals in Nova Scotia in 2007 and several PPG National competitions. She also coached her PPG A team to a championship win at Nationals in BC, 2009. On the side she taught riding lessons to amateurs while pursuing her love of jumping and eventing. Currently she is competing her 8 year old Dutch warmblood on the A level showjumping circuit in Alberta. Kylee helps out on the farm in numerous ways; her greatest contribution is helping her mom out with the training and campaigning of young stock and prospects.

Tara – also grew up with horses, and was riding independently before the age of 6. She started pony club at 7 years old on her POA pony, Chocolate Chip. She achieved her C1 level in pony club. She competed in PPG very successfully, and qualified to represent Canada in the International PPG games competition in Great Britain in 2010. Currently she also coaches PPG and rides in the Masters. As well, onboard her Holsteiner mare, Emma, she gives her sister a run for the money in the A level showjumping circuit. Tara is great at backing the younguns’ and campaigning horses and new prospects.

Marshall – the farms namesake and “head honcho”. He has had a lifetime full of horses, growing up in the days when horses actually plowed the fields, and herded cattle. Marshall grew up around horses and breeding with his family and began his own quarter horse breeding program back in the eighties. He has competed in local gymkhana and cattle penning shows. Marshall lends his valuable breeding expertise along with his business acumen to the family business.