Rosie expecting 2015 foal!

Had my fingers crossed all year, as we have been trying for so long to get Rosie in foal. Turned out, there was a problem with the semen we were using…extender issues, so I have changed stallions at the last minute, and have bred Rosie to Capone 1. She took first try, and has successfully carried, and at her last preg check approx 80 days along she was confirmed in foal. So grateful and relieved and excited all at the same time!

Little black dot for Rosie

Rosie was confirmed pregnant at her two week check up. Very happy with that news! Her and Brassy are currently sharing a pasture together and are getting along very well. Really hope to see their two foals playing together next spring. :)

Larosa Z

July 31 – I am so excited to have generously been offered to take over a broodmare lease on a very special mare by the name of Larosa Z, aka “Rosie”. Thanks to Leah Dyck for affording me this opportunity!

Rosie is a 2001 Holsteiner/Zangersheide maiden mare by Louis (Lord/Ramiro Z) and out of Flavy (Lavado/Silvester). Rosie will be bred next week to the Holsteiner stallion, Candillo Junior. I am super impressed by this mating and keep my fingers crossed that all goes according to plan, and we see a little black dot very soon.

Little black dots

July 28 – Brassy is confirmed in foal to Capone for a 2013 foal. Here we go again! Our vet says she looks A-OK inside, despite the horrible trauma of her premature foal in March.

She actually double ovulated at time of insemination and had two little black dots. The vet pinched one off, and we cross our fingers for a healthy remaining embryo.

First Casiro Colt in North America?

On May 11th, Sarah, our embryo transfer mare foaled out a lovely colt in the afternoon. He is out of our Contender daughter, Pabbles. We believe this is the first Casiro offspring in North America. He is conformationally very correct and already is displaying a balanced canter and a springy trot. He is currently a caramel bay with dark points. Time will tell if he is to change color. I am simply delighted and so excited to see how he grows and develops. We have decided to call him Cato. I would like his registered name to be “Consiro”.

Sad News

I have sad news to report that AllthatBrass aka “Brassy” went into premature labor at day 249, and unfortunately lost her foal which was a filly. I was able to get her trailered over to our vet where she valiantly tried to give birth. We knew the foal would not be viable at this early date, but let the mare have the chance to foal out naturally. After about a half hour of labor, it was clear she was going to need some help, and two vets tag teamed on Brassy for about 4 hours to remove the foal which was in a very bad presentation. The placenta delivered complete, however there was some abnormalities with it. It was sent off to be tested, and I am waiting for results. I thank the vets and staff at Uncas Veternary Clinic for their brave rescue efforts; it was a very trying day physically and emotionally.

It is always sad when these things happen, but nature has a way of taking care of its children, and I am glad the foal went early, rather than be born and then not survive. As long as Brassy gets the medical go ahead I will try breeding her again later this spring. I SO look forward to a future foal from her, as she has been such an athletic and talented mare and together with a talented stallion, I expect a stellar foal from her.

Upwards and onwards, no looking back!

All is Well

Thank goodness for timing! I had an appt booked to bring in the two mares for their last preg check on Oct 31. It was the last day of dry roads to make the trek down to Wetaskiwin to see Dr. Bell. I ended up being a little late to the appointment as Brassy would not load! Of course, I am all by myself trying to fit a very pregnant mare through a 3′ wide trailer opening. And Sarah, who is already loaded, and by now, impatient and pawing, is making the horse trailer rock back and forth. Finally with a lasso leadrope, I finally urged Brassy to load.
Roxy examined both mares, and although Brassy was bred two weeks after Sarah, her foal is quite a bit bigger. All looks good inside. They received their first Rhino shots and back to the farm we went. It will now be status quo until spring. Roxy mentioned that both mares could very well foal around the same time, so to be prepared.