All is Well

Thank goodness for timing! I had an appt booked to bring in the two mares for their last preg check on Oct 31. It was the last day of dry roads to make the trek down to Wetaskiwin to see Dr. Bell. I ended up being a little late to the appointment as Brassy would not load! Of course, I am all by myself trying to fit a very pregnant mare through a 3′ wide trailer opening. And Sarah, who is already loaded, and by now, impatient and pawing, is making the horse trailer rock back and forth. Finally with a lasso leadrope, I finally urged Brassy to load.
Roxy examined both mares, and although Brassy was bred two weeks after Sarah, her foal is quite a bit bigger. All looks good inside. They received their first Rhino shots and back to the farm we went. It will now be status quo until spring. Roxy mentioned that both mares could very well foal around the same time, so to be prepared.

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