We specialize in the development of young horses. A sound and practical training program lays a solid foundation for the horse to develop their natural ability regardless what discipline they will be used for. This individual program combined with excellent quality feed and health care management ensures a healthy, accepting and confident horse.

We also rehabilitate off the track Thoroughbreds. These horses, that were “valuable” as long as they were generating dollars on the track, find themselves in a very different situation once their racing days are over, or they just don’t make the cut. These horses need special attention and recuperation. After being raised in sometimes harsh and artificial environments, many of them have to learn how to be a horse in a normal herd setting. After rest, we introduce them back into a natural environment and gradually start their basic training. When they are ready, we match them with an appropriate home and rider. Many of these athletic and talented horses go on to pursue many different disciplines.

Please email us for more information and to enquire about our rates based on your particular needs. We can come to your facility, or you can bring your horse to us. Our rates are very reasonable, and we give discounts for multiple horses.